Swallowtail Vodka

Our spring water has taken years to filter through the volcanic sediment of the Willamette Lowland Aquifer System. To match that level of filtration Swallowtail Vodka has been filtered through activated carbon sixty times to polish the spirit. It is an exceptionally clean, smooth, balanced vodka perfect for sipping or mixing.

Swallowtail Spirits Distillery has received five international awards for its small-batch craft spirits in 2017.

A Double Gold for its flagship vodka, a Gold for its 114-proof Navy-strength gin and a Silver for its contemporary gin from the Seattle International Spirit Awards;


Marionberry Flavored Vodka


Apple Cider Flavored Vodka


Raspberry Flavored Vodka


Premium Vodka

Swallowtail Barrel-aged gin

Swallowtail Barrel-Aged


Swallowtail Premium Gin